The Best and Most Used Sites for Online Learning Spanish

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The Best and Most Used Sites for Online Learning Spanish

Languages are a treasure. Although today for almost all purposes we use the English language, there are many benefits to learning another foreign language, in addition to the aforementioned. Of course, the main problem always occurs on expensive courses or private lessons. Here you can find some of the best sites for online learn Spanish. Courses are interactive, and there is also Spanish for kids. What is the best and that it is always available and free?

  1. 101 Languages

This is one of the best sites that offers everything necessary to learn Spanish, but in addition, you can become familiar with the culture of the countries where the language is spoken. You choose where you want to start with since the areas are diverse – from the correct pronunciation through expressions and vocabulary, to grammar, speech, writing method, dialects, classification and history of language.

  1. 123 Teach Me

This site is intended for beginners, and great for learning Spanish for kids. 123TeachMe provides free learning materials, including games, quizzes, vocabulary building, audio files for learning easier and much more, for both adults and children.

      1. Babel Nation

This site is great for all beginners, because it uses seven lesson for explaining many useful things, very thoroughly . At the very beginning they learn to heal and address, then describe themselves and others, describe the actions, feelings, school, family, etc. They are very useful exercises after each lesson, as well as the website dictionary that can be used for free.Hola-Learn-Spanish

      1. BBC

If you want to know where you can speak Spanish, which are the most difficult phrases and words to say, what to say and what not when you go to Spain, how to be polite, or maybe learn some Spanish jokes, this site is ideal. Easy and fast learning!

      1. Effective Language Learning

This site is recognized as the most organized and the most serious approach to the learning Spanish. If you have any doubts or problems, feel free to join the discussion after the lesson. Therefore, you will learn some interesting things, and you can help others to better understand the language. The course consists of nine extensive lessons, drawn from several dialogues with grammatical explanations and audio files. On the page are published the best courses in the form of books, which you can find on the Internet.

More Sites

        1. E-Language As part of this site, there are many applications where you can practice your knowledge of Spanish. The second part of the course represents an introduction to the culture of countries where Spanish is spoken. Additionally, the site links are set for travel and tourism programs with the dictionaries and translation, as well as the Spanish radio.
        1. Language Guide This is another great site for learning Spanish for kids. It’s great for beginners. The lessons are very simple, and creative drawings encourage you to easily and quickly memorize words. First, write and learn the alphabet, and numbers, body parts and faces, clothing, fruits and vegetables, a wide range of animals, plants, color and family.